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Gas - Wood  - Electric



An inspection is an depth look into the fireplace system as a whole. 
Any questions about any information regarding your fireplace system will be covered.  We provide inspection services to:

Real Estate Neutral Third Party
Insurance Evaluations
Commercial Entities and others


Below is simply a brief overview statement of service for cleanings. 

We provide cleaning services for fireplaces, gas and wood.  Cleanings are considered annual maintenance and are a great aid in keeping your system at peak performance and efficiency.  During a cleaning, an inspection is rendered as well.  We can usually catch issues before them become problems.

Gas Cleanings:
  As the white/grey film begins to develop on your gas fireplace glass, it is a good reminder that service should be done. 
We clean the glass, pilot assembly, replace media materials as needed and give a overall service to the unit. 

Wood Cleanings: Cleanings are recommended on an annual basis for a variety of reasons.  We clean the chimney cap, the venting system, firebox and inspect for any potential hazards during the course of service.    



We require a full cleaning and inspection prior to any repairs, even if you would like a simple chimney cap.  If you intend to use your fireplace it needs to be professionally inspected. 

We use video inspection and as such will not work of anyone other chimney professionals findings for suggested repairs unless they include a video inspection.  

We do not install used stoves/parts or venting systems under any circumstances. 

If you are calling about a leaking chimney and this is your only concern we are unable to render repairs for your fireplace, we do not handle leaky chimneys exclusively. 

We repair the following types of fireplace system:

If you have a need for repairs please contact us with information.  We repair a wide variety of systems in a wide variety of manners.

Gas fireplace repair- inserts, free-standing and factory built

Wood repair -  masonry (our repair work to masonry fireplaces is not all inclusive, we are limited to caps, crowns, minor masonry repair, dampers and smaller various items- we do not re-build masonry chimney or take on major masonry repairs) inserts, free-standing and factory built


We install a wide variety of products in a wide variety of applications:

Gas - free-standing, inserts and factory built
Wood - free-standing, inserts and factory built
Electric - free standing, inserts and wall mounts.


We service a wide variety of products:

Gas fireplace trouble shooting service:  If you would like gas service in the form of trouble shooting, please have as much information as possible at the time of your service request.  A description of the problem and the fireplace manufacturer / model # will greatly aid us in trouble shooting your gas fireplace.   

Wood burning fireplace service:  We service wood burning fireplaces-  chimney caps to anything you may need. 
Please have as much information as possible at the time of your service request.  A description of the problem and the fireplace manufacturer / model # will greatly aid us in servicing your wood burning appliance.    




Dryer Vent Cleaning:

We also remove lint from dryer vents.  A dryer will stop working and lose its efficiency as lint builds up over time.